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Welcome to Promold Plastics’ "Technical Tips " page. In this section you'll find the latest industry information to help keep you informed and make better business decisions.

What is Injection Molding?

Injection Molding Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Injection Molding Tips

Medical Product Design Tips

Plastic Product Design Tips for Injection Molding

7 Myths About Purchasing Injection Molds & Injection Molded Parts
(Courtesy of W.J.T. Associates)

How to Purchase an Injection Mold

Understanding Quality Issues with Injection Molded Parts

Saving the American Dream
(This article was featured in Plastics News April 30, 2007)

Smart Inventory Management

What to know before attempting to Validate the injection molding process (published in "Medical Design Technology" Magazine Oct. 2011)

Lean Compliance (published in "Plastics Technology" Magazine December 2011)

Quality Management Sytems: Compliance Driven or Quality Driven?

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