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Plastic Resin Professional Organizations
SABIC Innovative Plastics Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)
RTP Plastic Resins Society of Plastics Industries (SPI)
Dupont Plastic Resins Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
  Manufacturing Alliance of CT (MAC)
Plastic Colorant  & Additives Connecticut Business and Industry Assoc. (CBIA)
Marval Middlesex Chamber of Commerce
Plastic Color Corp.  
Threaded Metal Inserts for Plastics Plastics Publications
Tri-Star Industries Plastics News
  Injection Molding Magazine
Electronics Mold Making Technology
Rontron Engineering – Medical Electronic Equipment Plastics Today
Baumer Electronics – Motion Sensors
  Connecticut Resources
Value Added Options for Plastics You Belong in CT
In-Mold Decorating Welcome to Portland CT
  Fun Facts about CT
Machinery and Equipment  
Nissei America Travel
Arburg What to do when you are in CT
OGP Optical Measuring Equipment Crown Plaza, Cromwell, CT
Pad Printing Machinery of Vermont Marriott, Cromwell, CT
RJG In Mold Pressure Transducers Bradley International Airport
Rapid Prototyping  
Xpress3D Misc.
InterPro The Plastics Web (IDES)
  Your Daily Dose of Dilbert
Reverse Engineering Titanium Bar
Bolton Works Our CT Ad Agency
  Our Connecticut Web Design Company