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Our Engineering Department has the latest technology to keep up with design changes on the fly. We have a number of different CAD/CAM platforms which enables us to start designing a mold directly from your electronic part files regardless of format.

Our Designers get involved in the early stages of your project without any fee and screen your project to be sure that it fits our capabilities. We develop a proposal for building the mold and work with your staff to gain consensus on the best approach to manufacture the part to assure that it will meet your expectation and fit within your budget and time constraints.

No Drawing? If all you have is a sample part and concept we can reverse-engineer your actual part and create an electronic drawing for you. Not ready to invest in a mold? No Problem. If you have an electronic 3D Model, we can provide you with a plastic model part in just a few days. We have plenty of resources for rapid prototyping techniques such as 3D printing and Stereo Lithography(SLA).

• Mold Design
• Project Management
• Mold Development
• Mold Qualification Trial
• Process Control and Optimization
• Scientific Process Validation