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At Promold Plastics, we believe that continuous improvement is not just another fad. Without the right management philosophy in place continuous improvement ends up being nothing more than a façade to satisfy customers and shareholders of larger companies.

At Promold Plastics, our entire team contributes to the collection of accurate and meaningful data used to measure operational performance and identify trends. This data is frequently reviewed to identify global systemic problems that need to be addressed. The source of the data is then investigated to identify root causes that impact the measurements and then preventive and corrective action is taken that addresses the major source of the problem.

A Note from the President
At Promold Plastics we believe that every business is a collection of individuals who have come together to pursue a common objective. Since the success of any business depends on the success of the individuals in it, we have developed the following principles in order to guide us with our growth.

Company President Richard Puglielli

Promold Plastics Management Model for Success
Management Style
Learn what your management style is and how well it works - and what to do when it doesn't.
Management Values
Determine what you value as a manager.
Learn how to communicate your values.
Employee Involvement
Discover how committed employees are when they understand your values and fall in line with them.
Group Decision Making / Team Building
Discover how easy it is to build teams to solve problems on their own.
Discover how easy it is to hold employees accountable for results when you learn how to delegate authority and assign responsibility.
Excellence in Supervision Training
Provide even the newest Manager with a path for success enabling the entire company to grow.

This Management philosophy enables us to connect to our customers’ vision and become an integral part of their success. This is the one secret ingredient that helps us create a true supplier partnership with our customers.