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Our Management Philosophy

At Promold Plastics we embrace a corporate culture that is internally aligned with our values while externally focused on our customers. This Management philosophy enables us to connect to our customers’ vision and become an integral part of their success while operating a successful organization with an engaged workforce. This is the one secret ingredient that helps us create a true supplier partnership with our customers.

Step One: Prioritize our corporate values.

  • Safety

Every employee is authorized and responsible to make decisions that ensure a safe working environment for themselves and those around them.

  • Communication/Teamwork

Do I understand what is expected of me? Have I communicated to the key stake holders any issues that may impact my ability to meet those expectations?

  • Productivity/Quality

Are we producing acceptable product cost effectively at a reliable throughput rate?

  • Return on Investment

Are we allocating our time and resources efficiently in order to maximize the return on our invested capital?

Step Two: Define our key performance indicators to measure our performance.

  • Safety
  • Productivity
  • Return on Investment

Step Three: Customer Focus

While every customer has unique needs that can be very different from one another, the one thing that we focus on for all of our customers is delivering the most value. No matter what the situation, we always strive to set realistic expectations that will yield the best level of quality for the best price in the shortest time frame.

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