The Process Guru

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The Process Guru: A good Process Technician, sometimes known as “The Process Guru” can be described as someone good at compensating for a poorly engineered process. Before a plastic part is ready to be molded, one could only expect a robust product design with realistic tolerances for the plastic material selected and a well-built mold

The Injection Molding Process: Part Four

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Injection Mold/Process Qualification First Article and/or First Piece start up inspection – Verifies that the mold, equipment and machine setup is qualified to run. In order to validate that the molding process consistently yields acceptable results, inspection data needs to be collected using an adequate sampling method over multiple lots. Inspection during production will ensure

The Injection Molding Process: Part Three

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Injection Molding Process Optimization Optimizing the molding process requires technical skill, knowledge and expertise of the equipment as well as a methodical scientific approach. You can run endless trials and experiments and collect data but that will not change the end result. The process reliability is limited and only as good as the first four

The Injection Molding Process: Part Two

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The Injection Molding Process: Part Two How change can affect the injection molding process Part Design – Depending on the significance of the change, it may improve or decrease your ability to optimize the molding process. Inspection data should be collected to verify the molding process is still acceptable. Material – Material change from lot

The Injection Molding Process: Part One

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The Injection Molding Process Explained The Injection Molding Process for any particular part can be defined as the “Transformation of Plastic Pellets to a molded product using heat to melt the pellets enabling them to flow so they can be injected in to a mold cavity filling it as fast as possible then packing the

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